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Technical Support Services

Off-Site Technical Support Servicescan help enterprises reduce employee’s number, save cost, receive latest IT technical information in time and more professional Off-Site Technical Support Services. On the other hand, the Off-Site technical support service can help enterprises set focus on their core business.

Owning the professional IT support team, can provide customers with low cost, high value Off-Site Technical Support Services by means of the strictly defined project management process, the quality assurance system and completed service system based on CMMI 5.

We are committed to protect our client’s Intellectual Property Rights(IPR), a set of technical flexible ways are widely used in our Off-Site Centers to strictly oversight the IPR, including access control entry, video surveillance, and 24 hour security personnel. Any Technical Support Services have been used to protect IPR, like, all projects are self-contained in private facilities and are never co shared, each project are contained in Virtual Private Networks with client’s network and protected by network firewalls. ISO 9001 guides the implementation of our IT support services. To ensure continuity and stability of the project, the Off-Site technical services with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans are established for each Off-Site Center, backups are saved regularly in dual locations. Fire-proof doors support services and additional layer of security with two-way and two-factor authentication entry security support services are taken for our server rooms fire-proofing measures. We have owned professional team to provide you flexible Off-Site Technical Support Services and help you focus on your own business.

Software Localization Services

Off-Site software localization Services are the main models we provide for our customers to meet their specific needs, in which ODC is a dedicated development center built for a particular customer to meet its requirement of developing, testing and maintenance work. The Off-Site software localization service with ODC is a proven method to expand customer's developing capability with low cost, high quality and low risk. The advantages for the software localization services are:

  • Service provider and customer can maintain long term operation

  • Software product research and development/large scale software system developing and maintenance

  • The feature of Off-Site software localization service with ODC:

    1. Off-Site center, located in the outsourcing company, not in the customer’s country

    2. Dedicated team built for software localization to meet customer’s requirement

    3. Time and Material business model

    4. Isolated working zone and Virtual Private Networks, Fire-proof doors, Network firewalls if required

    5. Work driven by statement of work from client to implement software localization

 To best service our customer with Off-Site software localization services, provide ODC model to deliver measurable benefits, which are cost saving, development cycle decrease, productivity quality increase, etc.


Our Off-Site software localization services with ODC process:

Assessment Phase: combine with the localization software feature, we help customer fully understand the risks might occur during project, also make advice on the different projects with specific technical service models.

Build Phase:

  1. Guideline for the software localization

  2. Infrastructure & Facilities with proposal

  3. Staffing
    Dedicated team are built for our customers, has the passion to serve our customers with our Off-Site software localization service.

  4. Knowledge Transfer
    Off-Site software localization services provide good and consistent training, which will contribute greatly to the outsourcing success. To avoid the failure of Off-Site software localization, knowledge transfer is a better way for our engineers widely grasps different fields’ knowledge, including skill, process, domain, work specifications and culture norms, which are all good for staffs to easily and professionally do the Off-Site software localization.

  5. Pilot Project
    To reduce risks for the Off-Site software localization services, a pilot project provides more effective ways, especially when two companies cooperate at the first time. The pilot project shouldn’t be too small or too large, the period of pilot project normally last from couple of weeks to three months, typically one month, so that Off-Site software localization services will be more effective to do measurement and tracking. Following are the main criteria to measure the overall performance:

    1. Quality, both technical (e.g. number of bugs) and functional (e.g. if it meets specification)

    2. Cost and productivity

    3. Project communication

  7. Responsibility transfer
    Transferring responsibilities is the most important thing for a new project, which transfer from PM of the client to our company ( This is for better management of the project, which will make the Off-Site software localization services more feasible.



Statement of work (SOW) guides the operation for Off-Site software localization service of ODC, which provides detailed activities during project, including management, schedule, and work for each phase, etc.

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