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Software Regression Testing

Software regression testing tips and advice to help testers ensure that older programming works with software changes. The ‘ideal’ process would be to create an extensive test suite and run it after each and every change. provides software regression testing service including the following items:

  • Develop a base regression test bed

  • Provides reliable, predictable and successful software deployment projects.

  • Consistent and repeatable validation of each new release

  • Every code drop is rigorously tested to ensure current application functionality is working

  • Quickly detect new bugs by rerunning existing tests against modified code.

  • Minimizes software release delays and budget overruns.

 Establishing a policy for regular software regression testing is the key to achieving successful, reliable, and predictable software development projects. Software regression testing provides the only reliable means to verify that code base changes and additions don't "break" an application's existing functionality, and it can have the single greatest impact in controlling product release delays, budget overruns, and the prospect of software errors slipping into released/deployed products. Software regression testing should be tightly linked to functional testing, and be built from the successful test cases developed and used in functional testing. These test cases, which verified an application's behavior or functionality, are then rerun regularly as regression tests and become the means for verifying that the application continues to work correctly as new code is being added. During software regression testing, specified test cases are run and current outcomes are compared to previously recorded outcomes.

An effective software regression testing policy involves the definition of guidelines for regression system usage, and then the implementation and integration of those guidelines (along with supporting technologies and configurations) into your software development lifecycle to ensure that your teams apply the policy consistently and regularly. It also requires a means to monitor and measure the policy's application as well as report the data it is tracking. Inconsistent usage can result in existing errors going undetected — or new errors being introduced — due to unchecked modifications to the code over time. Software regression testing can be used not only for testing the correctness of a program, but often also for tracking the quality of its output. For instance, in the design of a compiler, software regression testing should track the code size, simulation time and time of the test suite cases.

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