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In a fast paced mobile market, the adoption of innovative mobile technologies can play a crucial role in an organization's business strategy thereby delivering significant value and heightened experience to their customers. Consumers today are texting, talking, communicating, buying, searching, watching videos, and taking photographs all on their mobile devices.

Reap the benefits of mobility by connecting with your employees, partners and customers anytime, anywhere.

Mobile solutions provide a richer, more personalized experience for your customers by using the full feature set of smart phones or tablets. However, in spite of all the potential benefits, creating mobile systems that are deeply integrated into existing enterprise infrastructure poses significant IT and operational challenges.

We have rich knowledge base and expertise of many back-end systems, enabling us to offer differentiated and robust mobile solutions and services.

On the web front, by integrating their e-Commerce strategies with the mobile environment, retailers are trying to leverage the mobile channel and add value to clicks from the Web and bricks of physical stores.

On the store front, in their quest to make the customer in-store experience a memorable one, retailers are once again turning to mobility solutions for checking in the customers as they enter the store, scanning products, receiving offers through mobile coupons, making payments, and producing digital receipts among a host of other features.

With an increasing number of retailers embracing mobility solutions, from in-store to supply chain, from sales and marketing to decision making levels, mobile technologies promise to empower all facets of the Retail business.

Focus on Retail Business Critical Applications:

  • Dispatch Services Solution:

    Retailers are well aware of the challenges pertaining to dispatch services like the importance of increasing field force productivity and hence people morale, driving innovation in customer service by streamlining processes by eliminating errors and reducing costs. All these service gaps if plugged will enable the retail organizations stay ahead of competition through improved service levels. Our mobility solutions sharp and continued focus on such aspects can enable companies:

    • Quantum improvement in Customer Service Quality
    • Operational costs minimized while goals achieved rate is high
    • Integrates with the Organizations' back end systems for near real time  status insight
    • Improved Communication for better decision making  in the Supply Chain
    • Real Time Task and Route Execution
  • DSD Solution:

    Typically, retailers encounter problems like DSD operational continuity suspect due to lack of high availability of mobile apps, delay in order fulfillment and consequent impact on sales order, low productivity due to low application performance and incorrect data and remote device management.

  • Order Capture System on iPad:

    Retail Field sales force face huge difficulties in managing on-the-move order management which in turn results in human error in order capturing. Usually, this requires extensive training and results in high dollar spend.

  • Consulting Services for Mobile Strategy:

    Major retailers are well aware of the possibilities that mobility offers to their business. But to deploy enterprise wide mobile enabled strategies present significant challenges in terms of lack of connect with the younger demographic, lack of experience in mobility domain and increasing consumer nuisance factor due to superfluous promotional material. Our mobility consulting services provide:

    • Listing of Key areas to be mobile enabled and benefits gained through mobility adoption
    • Identification of list of applications to be implemented on the mobile channel
    • Developing a strategy in terms of charting a course for adoption of mobility solutions

We Offer:

Dedicated user-experience design team: Our passion for providing you with the best solutions is realized through a dedicated user-experience design team that is committed to leveraging the unique native capabilities of each device platform.

Experience in working with leading enterprises: We bring significant expertise of the various back-end systems gained from years of deployment with leading enterprises in various industries.

Strong Alliance Partnerships: Our strong alliances with leading device vendors on all platforms help us incorporate platform-specific best practices to offer a solution with a rich solution roadmap combined with cutting-edge implementation.

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