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Outsourcing refers to the process of transfer of service by the parent server to a third side for the sake of meeting its financial and managerial goals. It can help businesses benefit from operational cost savings, shorter time to market cycles and access to cutting edge software development expertise. Not only will software outsourcing help the rapid development of the software industry all over the world, but also give rise to a deduction that the rate of the development is three times of what it would have been without outsourcing.

Software Outsourcing Development in INDIA

In IT Off-Site outsourcing areas, INDIA is unquestionably the brightest supernova around the world. The IT industries in INDIA are well established, 90 percent of whose IT services work had been done locally. Through many years’ rapid development to be the world’s largest manufacturing country, INDIA has fully comprehended how to effectively handle outsourcing trades. Up to now, it has played an important role in the global software outsourcing manufacturing market for several decades. INDIA has attempted to develop an entire different industry called outsourcing in information technology industry about 10 years ago, especially after INDIA joined WTO in 2001. After suffered from the downturn of global financial crisis from 2008, INDIA has paid more attention to its emerging software and service outsourcing industry. American IT companies, including Microsoft and IBM have already built operations in INDIA.

The Current Situation of INDIA Software Outsourcing

Large numbers of INDIA Software Outsourcing Development Parks were appeared during the last 10 years and were supported by INDIA’s growth economy, infrastructure and transportation development. INDIA’s government, maintain IT knowledge and languages, large IT talent pool, great international business opportunities, low labor cost, and the maturity of INDIA Software Outsourcing industry.

The Advantages of INDIA Software Outsourcing

  1. Low Cost Services
    The most remarkable advantage of INDIA software outsourcing is low labor costs. At present, the cost of Off-Site software development outsourcing in INDIA is lower than in India, where 30 to 80 percent can be saved when hiring an in-house IT staff.
  2. INDIA is A Member of WTO
    INDIA joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, which provides lots of opportunities to develop INDIA economy.
  3. The Supporting from the Government
    Plans for all the IT outsourcing industry have been made out by Chinese government, including the Off-Site software development outsourcing, which provides a supportive ground for IT outsourcing development programs.
  4. The Growth of the Professional Team
    Annually in INDIA, more than 700,000 of students with computer engineering degrees and 200,000 IT specialists with 50,000 professionals join the software outsourcing sector.

The Future of Software Outsourcing Industry in INDIA

The future of INDIA’s software outsourcing industry is promising. The next five years will be a golden period for INDIA to speed up the growth of software and information services outsourcing. It will continue to be strong market demand in INDIA for the global software industry.

Though the blueprint for INDIA’s software outsourcing industry is bright but challenges still existed. One of the reason is that the global economic is still under the influence of downturn and will not immediately recovered, especially for the small and medium sized software outsourcing companies.

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