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Off-Site Software Development

Off-Site Software Development is an important trend in information technology outsourcing field. The three most common justifications for Off-Site software development are cost reduction, internationalization and inadequate supplies of domestic resources.

Cost reduction is the traditional reason for Off-Site software development. Low level tasks such as coding and software testing can be performed in less developed countries at costs as low as ten percent of domestic ones. India has built revenues for this type of outsourcing from $110 million in 1990 to an expected $6.3 billion in 2000-2001. Attracted by such huge success, other less developed countries are attempting to become serious contenders for India’s near monopoly. Software manufacturers seeking international markets and needing to localize their products to specific platforms, languages and cultural requirements often find it most efficient to use Off-Site software development resources in or near their target markets. Ireland, Australia and Finland are in the most demand for this type of outsourcing today. Cost savings from these more developed countries remain available, but are less dramatic. The growing shortage of IT professionals, especially in the most developed industrial countries, is rapidly becoming the most important reason for Off-Site software development. For instance, the U.S. Department of Commerce reports that by 2003 there will be a shortfall of some 1.4 million computer programmers in the United States alone. In the case of Off-Site software development, making outsourcing "Off-Site" often brings the best results by providing high quality software solutions at an inexpensive price.

Benefits of Off-Site software development:

  1. Substantial reduction in total project costs
  2. Flexibility resulting from the ability to attract resources for large projects quickly

  3. Compression of project development and implementation time

  4. Access to a resource pool of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals
  5. World class quality of developments

 Our advantages:

  1. Client Focus: We are the best in our industry because we listen. We make attempt to understand our clients' objectives and needs, and we collaborate to find solutions that meet them or exceed them.
  2. On time Delivery: Thanks to our experience, our talented programmers, testing tools, and effective project management, we can implement and deliver your projects on time. We have received excellent evaluations from our clients for on time delivery, correctly implemented functionality and usability.

  3. Our People: The quality and passion of our people sets us apart. We hire and retain only the highest quality people who fit with our open and client focused culture and values. Our people are committed to our clients’ projects and their growth. Our low rate of attrition tells our story.

  4. Personal Growth: We nurture personal growth for our people by creating a challenging environment with opportunities to learn and develop to become tomorrow's leaders. Recruiting and retaining people who are properly trained, motivated and share a common vision based upon their goals and commitments ensures we are the best in the industry.

  5. Honesty:  We build lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and partners through open and honest communications. We earn trust and respect through integrity in all our actions.

  6. Confidentiality: We guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security in every project. All clients' information remains strictly confidential. will never sell or disclose any client information under any unauthorized circumstances.

  7. Quality: We have developed a repeatable, effective software development process based upon CMM level 5 ensures the high quality of service and successful delivery to our global clients. All processes are well documented, institutionalized and evaluated, ensuring us becoming more effective and efficient with each project we work on.

  8. Continuous Improvement: Regular training in key development technologies, software engineering practices, management methods, QA standards, R&D on new technology products, conducting architecture workshops, continually evaluating our own processes and methodology, mentoring tech leads to meet the requirements for changing technology and improving team capabilities.

As the leading Off-Site software development company in INDIA, has collaborated with many famous global companies such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP, Microsoft, Intel, Siemens, Motorola, Advent Software, ClearSight Networks, Ericsson, Dimensia Inc., Genertec Europe Temax GmbH, Soma, Super Myway, Noware, Novartis, etc. No doubt, can great help your Off-Site software development business with our professional skills and dedicated service.

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