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How CCASGSOLUTION Solutions makes a difference for your business?

As an experienced business consultant, CCASGSOLUTION Solutions is well equipped with experienced expertise. Our team combines its skills with innovation, creativity and knowledge of latest technology and good understanding of customer’s requirement to develop the best solutions for clients. CCASGSOLUTION Solutions diagnoses the issues specific to your business venture and helps you to implement the necessary strategies. We then aim to transfer our own business skills and experience to our clients and ensure sustainable improvement in their business ventures.

For your business, we support you with:

  • Conceptualization, optimization and execution of business maintenance plans along with contingency planning requirements
  • Development and implementation of integrated logistics support framework
  • Development and execution of market penetration strategies
  • Development of new IT infrastructure to cope with latest technological developments
  • Technology transfer in business ventures

CCASGSOLUTION Solutions team will make it simple for you to make the right decision while choosing your business category and will then help you to proceed with the necessary improvement in IT infrastructure.

We will help you develop a viable IT infrastructure that will include a survey of current market conditions and forecasting.

CCASGSOLUTION Solutions team can help you to develop a dependable system. This is indeed a simpler process and does not call for huge capital.

We further help our clients maintain their businesses maintain control all areas of each and every project, product roll-out, and their sales & marketing campaigns. With each service offered, we will also review key areas to enhance and ensure your long term future success.

Marketing and Advertising Services for Your Business

We understand how effective marketing and advertising are crucial to the success of a venture. With extensive experience of managing marketing activities for business in different countries, our team has an excellent understanding of the local culture and will help you to implement appropriate marketing strategies through online and offline channels. Our team has helped clients through:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Corporate Identity and Design
  • Online Marketing Services
  • Copywriting and Content Creation For Print Media

If your existing business needs to set up, maintain and run an agent-distribution network for sale of your products and services in the, our team will advise you on the best methodology that can be employed for such jobs. We will also assist you in evaluating, interviewing, recruiting and training new agents and distributors for your products and services. Additionally, we will help you set-up training, certification and support for your existing or new agents and distributors.

IT Consultancy Services

CCASGSOLUTION Solutions knows that in this era where technology changes by the minute, it is crucial to maintain an IT infrastructure conducive to your business operations.

We provide you customized IT solutions that help you meet your business objectives cost effectively. Our IT consultancy services for your business in the UAE include:

  • IT Planning, Implementation and Technical Support
  • Network Solutions
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Hosting

We also help you to resolve critical IT issues, improve core performance and gain maximum value from the most effective technology integral to your business growth. Our IT team comprises qualified and experienced professionals who have worked in different business domains.

  • Certified Specialists
  • Solid Experience
  • Professionally Qualified
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Dealer
  • Certified Competencies
  • Consulting
  • Technology
    • Citrix application Deployment
    • Data Center Technology & Management (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase)
    • Enterprise Networking Solutions
    • SharePoint Web Portal (MOSS 2007 & WSS 3.0)
    • Custom ERP's \ Software' (Web, Mobile, SmartClient..)
    • Dynamics (CRM, AX, NAV, Gp, SL, FRx, POS, RMS...)
  • Out sourcing
  • Infrastructure Solutions

We always get equipped with the latest innovations so as to ensure the real advantage to our customers and for us to make use of every opportunity to retain and build our customers.

We are partnering with expert companies and professionals across world in order to provide comprehensive IT solutions to our customers. So no matter your company's focus area, we are sure we will be able to provide IT consulting, project management, IT staffing, outsourcing etc to most of your IT requirements.

To support your strategic and planned business activities, we also have a broad range of operational and employee recruitment and training procedures. We can also customize the same to suit your specific business and work environment.

If you are serious about business IT operations, CCASGSOLUTION Solutions is there to offer you all support.

Connect with us today to take the first step in the right direction!

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