SharePoint n SilverLight

Today's world of Web-based application demands very appealing and interactive look and feel. SharePoint embedded with Silverlight can provide sophisticated user interface designs and interactions. Our Silverlight team can deliver very rich and charming user interface for your SharePoint portal or Microsoft based web applications.  Our expertise in developing Silverlight based Web Parts, Custom Field Controls, navigation controls, Silverlight application Pages etc. will enable us to provide the next generation of rich web applications that you need.  Silverlight solutions include:

Multimedia Applications: Which includes Photo albums, Video and Audio gallery, Video conferencing, Live Video streaming, Slide show presentations , Animations etc.

Web Widgets: Which includes widgets like Location Tracker (like Live Search Maps), weather, financial information and charts based on live data etc.

Silverlight Controls and Web parts: This includes custom controls and web parts like Podcast Web Part, Photo Album Web Part etc.