Citrix Application Deployment

Citrix addresses best performance, highest security and lowest cost in its breed solutions for application delivery.

  1. Citrix NetScaler

    Deliver Web Apps (Optimize all web applications with an integrated networking solution that accelerates performance, improves security, and substantially reduces load on servers.)

  2. Citrix Presentation Server

    Deliver Windows Apps, save millions in management costs and eliminate data security risks by installing all Windows applications in the datacenter and virtualizing or streaming them to end users over the network.

  3. Citrix Desktop Server

    Deliver Desktops, Reduce the cost, management and security risk of desktop computing by delivering desktops virtually from the datacenter in a way that actually improves the end user experience.

  4. Citrix Access Gateway

    Enable Secure Applications Access, provide a secure single point of access to all applications that automatically customizes access policies based on user scenarios.

  5. Citrix WANScaler

    Accelerate Apps to Branch Users, Instantly improve the performance of applications delivered over the wide area network while reducing bandwidth by up to 75%.

  6. Citrix EdgeSight

    Monitor End User Experience, Ensure applications are meeting business metrics at all times by monitoring performance from the users perspective.